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                       Aloha Mai E Tiny Home Eco-Kauai (T.H.E.K)


        With over 28 years of experience in all phases of the construction trade, my team at T.H.E.K builds quality workmanship into each and every stock/custom Tiny Home we build. For your best choice in a Tiny Home in the Hawaiian Islands, look no further then Tiny Home Eco-Kauai. We (T.H.E.K) proudly serve all islands with the same great quality and workmenship that you would expect in a larger custom home . We handle all aspects of the build from design to construction to delivery. T.H.E.K makes your Tiny Home purchase seamless, whether your purchasing it sight un-seen from out of state or are Kama'aina, coming by to check out the progress of your new tiny home in person, look no further then Tiny Home Eco-Kauai !


         At T.H.E.K, we are committed as much to you and your vision of what a tiny house should be, as we are to the 'Aina and the impact that your new tiny house will have on it. Our goal at T.H.E.K is to encourage our customers to spend as much time considering how their choices will impact our 'Aina as they do in choosing the color, style and materials to be used in their new tiny dream home.


        At Tiny Home Eco-Kauai, our T.H are all built self-contained*. By building your T.H this way, it not only saves you thousands of dollars over the years in utility bills, but allows you to truly be free to put your new T.H.E.K in a more secluded and off the beaten path place then a T.H tied to the grid. 


       Opting for seclusion/privacy ranks highest on most T.H owners wish list. So at T.H.E.K we have focused all our efforts into building our T.H in a way that represents this fact. With our homes built using only the power of the sun to run our tools and saws, we are further reducing the carbon footprint of your T.H before you even move into it. Thats something we can all be proud of. Rarely are you presented with an option to not only reduce your carbon footprint through smarter more 'Aina friendly choices, but now you have the option to buy from a builder who is reducing his carbon footprint while building you your dream Tiny home.


       Have a piece of land (or know someone who does) near a stream with no septic or pasture land with a view of the mountains or ocean but it is several acres away from a power source? No problem with a T.H.E.K home, our homes are designed for off-the-grid living.


        When living tiny in the islands, the need for off-the-grid living becomes far more important then on the mainland. Most places in Hawaii that will accept a T.H will lack at least one if not all of the utilities needed to live day by day in relative comfort. I was once told, "listen to the 'Aina, it will help guide you and make living here much easier" So why fight it? Live green by going green, and save green while protecting the "green" of this beautiful Garden Isle.


        That off-grid philosiphy is represented in our pricing. Although our up-front prices are higher then other T.H builders, we are confident that more and more Tiny Home owners are willing to spend a bit more today to help off-set future utility costs which only continue to rise. No where is that more true then here in Hawaii. 


        T.H.E.K owners are just as passionate about reducing their living space, and the utilities needed to run them, as they are about reducing their overall carbon footprint. We live on an island with limited resources, our electricity is generated by using 78% fossil fuel, 8% hydro and 14% solar (as of 2014) and the largest user of cesspools (14,000 on Kauai alone) in the U.S. There has been no better time then now to consider a T.H . We at T.H.E.K are commited to going even a step further by completly doing away with the need for public utilities in your daily life, and reducing the limited options you have in Hawaii as to where to park your tiny home. With a T.H.E.K  T.H  your land options are no longer limited to only those few willing to rent/lease to you and provide utilities. With a T.H.E.K  T.H,  you only need the land, not the utility connection, there by freeing up you and the land owner to place your tiny home on any level lot you choose. Without the need for utility connections, you have just increased your odds to rent/lease your own tiny piece of paradise, (plus the added bonus of getting your utilites down to $0.00) in an area you truly want to live in...and by doing so, we here at T.H.E.K have served our purpose.


        Be it  temporary housing while your custom home is built,  a great option to the high price of renting or just to reduce your carbon footprint. Tiny Home Eco-Kauai is here to serve housing needs with Aloha.





        Tiny is the new curb appeal !



     Custom design     & stock models 
       Eco-Friendly       Construction        Methods and       Materials * 
    We use only     Tiny House Basics   trailers for our  Tiny Homes
   Your Tiny Home 
  is built off grid      using only the  power of the sun.     (Photovoltaic) 
    some packages Include.....
cedar Closet  //  cork flooring    hurricane straps and tiedowns // tyvek house wrap  // egress safety window IN LOFT //  8 cu. ft. fridge  // STAIRCASE TO MAIN LOFT // Mini a.c. cooling unit //4" glass Jalousie windows // LED lighting  //  storage  // fire extingusher  //  smoke/co2 alarm   //  heavy duty trailer from tiny house basics  //  Starter PV system*  // on demand hotwater  // birch interior walls  30"  frontdoor  // double burner gas cooktop // Stainless sink // metal standing seam roof designed for water catchment // no-water compost toilet // 32'' shower and more ........
  We sell Tiny  Home  Shells that  you can finish yourself and save 
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