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Pricing.... (and hundreds of others like you) have come here looking to find out just one thing....How much a Tiny Home from Tiny Home Eco Kauai will cost! 

       Well, just scroll down and your wish will be granted....but after you do that, be sure to click on any of the 8 BLUE TABS at the top of the page to find out more info about Tiny Homes. If you didn't read any of my other pages on this site (or just got bored half-way through...its been known to happen) and came directly here to find out the final price of your new Tiny Home, then you are gonna be misinformed as to the TRUE cost of a T.H.E.K .(or any T.H for that matter.)


       Please take a moment to click on the "Reality Check" tab at the top of the page, as well as the "Q & A" tab, even if you dont look at any of my other informative will be glad you did!


       For all you price hunters....Here we go!


       We have been asked why we use the "Shed Roof" style for our Tiny Home design . It is for the simple purpose that our Tiny Homes are designed with " living" in mind. Tiny Homes with multi pitched roofs and porches that are too small to serve any real purpose, and only serve to cut down on the amount of  living space inside the Tiny Home. We feel very strongly that once you step into a T.H.E.K home, the style it may be lacking on the outside is made up for in spades on the inside with a minimum of nearly 160 cubic ft or more of living and storage space then other typical Tiny Homes with pitched roofs and small porches.  This is a fact that is rarely talked about when discussing how much room is really in a TH. Keep in mind that the sqft. of aT.H only tells half the story. What they dont tell you about pitched roofs is you will be losing headroom in the loft and storage in the living areas all in the name of "style". That being said...if you truly desire a multi-pitched roof  or a 3ft. by 3ft. entry porch and are willing to sacrafice living/storage space for exterior style in your  Tiny Home, please visit our "CUSTOM" pricing below. We are more then capable of building you your Dream Tiny Home....


                                                                                 Mahalo for considering a T.H by T.H.E.K!




 Included......24 ft x 8'6" custom Tiny Home trailer (actual length including tongue is 29ft) Our heavy duty custom built Tiny House                                      trailer are built exclusivly by Tiny House Basics. (Our trailer includes dual drop axels, 14000lb  rating,  brakes, title, 12 in                                  extended tongue, brake lights)                                                              


                                   We have listed several package options below to help you understand what the main features are in                        our Tiny Homes and their approximate costs. We do allow customizing of all packages to include or                              exclude items of your choosing, which could cause the price to increase or decrease depending on your                      substitution.

                                             This price list is just a jump off point to help start a conversation.......


                          Below, we have packaged together some of the most popular options and their pricing to help you make an                                                       informed decision about our Tiny House packages. The pricing shown below is to help get you started without the endless                                 lists of common options and pricing that other sites offer, which can be confusing and overwhelming. (we do have a page for                             that at then end of this web site) Please read it carefully to see what we have to offer and at what price point it starts at. For                                 those requesting a Custom T.H please contact us. Use this list to start the conversation.....Such as "I want Tiny House Model I                             but with full size appliances and a washer/dryer.".....We will be happy to send you the adjusted pricing.


$ 26,500 ......Tiny House Shell A.  inc...24 ft heavy duty Tiny House trailer, 3/4 decking, interior 2x4 walls, 1 loft 8'x8' , tyvek house                                      wrap,  up to 4 rough openings (R.O) cut out for windows 3'x2' and 1- 30" opening cut out for a door, their placement is up                                 to you. The shed roof  is covered  with peal and stick water barrier.


$ 33,750  .......Tiny House Shell B. inc...same as A except we also install the 4 windows, no larger then 3ft x 2ft and a 30" entry door,                                         rubber roofing.


$ 42,350  ......Tiny House Shell C.  inc...A & B plus we install treated compressed board siding 7" reveal and trim out the windows and                                       door, stairs to the loft (no built in storage underneath stairs), standing seam metal roofing.


$ 66,650   .....Tiny House Model  I  inc... NON-PV OPTION, fully enclosed trailer, 1 loft, electric cook top, Separett compost                                                       toilet, Apartment size fridge, 30 inch fiberglass shower, barn door to bathroom, lower cabinets, upper shelfs, 1 closet,                                         hidden storage under stairs, 1 solar roof vent , Grid Tied electical set-up ( must connect to electrical Utilities using RV                                       connection), 7 gal propane tank, propane insta hotwater heater, cork/bamboo  flooring throughout,  6  jalousie                                                   windows, 32 inch entry door, fire/CO2 alarm, finish trimwork, inset for queen size bed in loft (leaves more headroom                                         while in bed), base package LED lighting , walls done with clear birch or similair wood panel left unsealed, plumbing and                                 electrical to code, Hurricane  straps and clips, 24 inch bathroom mirror, laminate countertop, delivery to any clear level                                   land on island  ( will not deliver after heavy or persistant rain, through streams or up muddy or steep  grades....we reserve                                 the right to deny delivery for any reason )


$ 68,700  .... Tiny House Model II  ..Upgrade siding to cedar clapboard (unsealed), Base PV option, 1 deep cell battery, upper cabinets                                  base package LED lights, second loft 4 ft deep or less, ladder to second loft, 10 gal propane tank, apartment size gas stove,                                36"fiberglass shower, interior wood sealed, fold down wall table or a second sm. closet added, engineered wood floor on                                    lower level and cork flooring in loft, solid 3/4 "butcher block" countertop, stained or painted cabinets, medicine cabinet,                                  vent in bathroom with sensor switch, utilities hidden on exterior in cabinet, pocket door to bathroom, option of finish for                                 fixtures. 8 Jalousie windows 3ft x 2ft or similar.


$ 79,600    ...Tiny House Model III ..Upgrade exterior siding can be a combination of material ( wood, metal, cement  board) or just                                      stained or painted cedar clapboard, enlarge exterior cabinet for more storage, Granite countertop, tile  backsplash, tile                                      back splash in bath, 40in. tiled shower, a second deep cell battery, wall mounted  reading lights in main loft,  cieling fan,                                  full size gas stove, 9 jalouise windows, painted, stained or sealed  interior walls and cieling, 5' vinyl slider or french doors. 


$ 96,500  .....Tiny House Model IV ..  Shower ficture upgrade , 5 inch wider stairs to main loft, reading light in main loft, extra deep                                       stainless sink, 1 loft cantilevered extending  2 feet in depth (adds 16 sqft to your choice of main loft or twin loft) built-                                         in small dresser in main loft,

                              6 PV panels, 2 Aquion batterys with 10 year transferable warrenty, LED light fixture upgrade.


CUSTOM.....  Tiny House  Model V .. Built from ground up to your specification....It can be a simple wide open studio with your own                                      furniture or completly tricked out with tons of little or large storage areas., custom paint, finishes, exotic lumber,                                                full size appliances of your choosing....Your design plans or ours, it will be designed with only you in mind. This is the only                              option for  those who desire a multi pitched roof. We offer "off-Island" packages which include purchasing furniture, small                             appliances as well as linens and even groceries so your tiny home is move in ready when you arrive on island. Just show up                               ready to surf, hike, bike or just lay in the warm Hawaiian sun, knowing your custom built T.H awaits you at the end of                                       the day.


                                                                          PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE........

                          Want to learn more about Tiny Homes and Tiny Home Eco Kauai (T.H.E.K)?.....just go to top of the page                             and click on the Blue Tabs to search by topic and then be sure to Scroll Down . Learn more about                                         "Why a T.H.E.K", what we are "About" and what services we offer. Also check out our "Contact"                                info, "Gallery" of some Tiny Homes to help give you inspiration, and of  coarse our popular Question                                 and Answer page. Leave us your question on our contact page and we may add it to our "Q & A" page for                         other Tiny House enthusiasts to learn from....



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